24th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck

22008076_10155026405177825_7045799966500587060_nThe food will be bountiful and delicious when you join ARC and friends for the 24th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck, on Sunday 11/12 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Living Spirit United Methodist Church, 4501 Bloomington Ave. in Minneapolis.

You do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to attend. Please bring a vegan main dish, side dish, or dessert to share with others, including a serving spoon (vegan = no meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey, or refined sugar). Figure on your dish serving about 10 people. Also bring a list of ingredients in your dish so we can be allergy-friendly. A variety of delicious vegan cheeses will be available for you to sample, and water and coffee will be provided.

This is a wonderful event to bring your friends and family to and show them how delicious vegan holiday eating can be. We are looking forward to sharing a special meal with all of our friends, both longtime and brand new. RSVP on Vegan Meetup or the Facebook event.