ARC Joins Coalition Against Farmed Animal Exhibitions at Fairs

More than 15 sanctuaries and advocacy organizations for farmed animals across the country are joining a coalition to oppose the exhibition and use of animals at state and county fairs this summer.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary started the coalition in 2022 after representatives attended local and state fairs in New York to witness and report on what happened to animals on display. The coalition seeks to educate the public about the treatment of farmed animals at agricultural fairs and offer advocacy opportunities that supporters can implement in their own communities.

The Animal Rights Coalition joined the coalition in 2022, announcing the launch of our website. We protested in front of the MN fairgrounds with TV outreach, handed out plant-based Babybel cheese and literature about the dairy industry to fairgoers, and displayed a banner showing why “Cow’s Milk Hurts.” 

Join ARC to advocate for animals at the MN State Fair this year! 

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We also encourage supporters to contact their local fair sponsors to tell them why they won’t be attending the fair and write letters to local newspapers to shed light on the realities for farmed animals at state and county fairs.