ARC’s Summer Interns are the Best!

We’re thrilled to have Eli Robiner and Gwen Austin as our summer interns this year. Eli is a student at Carleton College and Gwen is at University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Eli at Pride Festival

Eli at Pride Festival

Eli is a senior sociology and anthropology major. He decided to intern with ARC this summer to begin learning the ropes of animal rights activism and immersing himself in the Twin Cities animal rights and vegan community. In addition to his work with ARC, he co-founded a vegan advocacy group, Carleton Vegans, Allies, and Questioning, on his campus this past year. He looks forward to a summer of events, delicious vegan food, and (hopefully) liberation for all!

Gwen at Pride

Gwen is a junior seeking her bachelor’s degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality as well as a minor in Environment and Sustainability. She is the founder and president of the Animal Rights Club, a student group on her campus, and has been a dedicated supporter of animal rights all her life. Gwen first began volunteering at ARC when she was 17 and is now back as a summer intern. She hopes to strengthen her skills as an activist so that she can someday be a leader in the animal abolition movement.