Bake for Their Sake Vegan Bake Sale Fundraiser

Photo of Cuddle Coats recipientThanks to everyone who organized, volunteered, baked, and purchased goodies at the Bake for Their Sake bake sale to benefit our Cuddle Coats program. The sale was a huge success and the volunteers raised over $500 for the program!

This Valentine’s Day, ARC is sharing the love by hosting Bake for Their Sake, a vegan bake sale fundraiser for the Cuddle Coats program. Mark your calendars and join us Saturday, February 8th from 1-4 p.m. to get cruelty-free versions of all of your favorite baked goodies, and maybe even find some new favorites! Bake for Their Sake will be held at Ethique Nouveau (ARC’s headquarters and vegan boutique) at 317 W 48th Street in Minneapolis. If you’d like to donate baked goods for the sale, drop off your items the hour before or at the beginning of the bake sale and please bring along the recipes to give out.

Funds are being raised to help support the Cuddle Coats program, which accepts donated furs and accessories and ships them to wildlife rehabilitation centers where they are used in the rehabilitation process of injured and orphaned animals such as raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks. The fur is especially helpful when contact with humans must be kept to a minimum, by helping to establish a nurturing and soothing environment and providing comfort and warmth for these animals when one-on-one contact is not advisable. Proceeds from the bake sale will help with the shipping of furs to wildlife rehabilitation centers and will also provide funds for new anti-fur posters.