Befriending Bugs: 4 Ways to be a Bug Buddy

Dandelions_BeesYou’d have to be living under a rock with the pillbugs not to have heard the buzz about the trouble with bees these days. And I hear even the pillbugs are starting to get a little antsy. Bees are important to most forms of life because they act as the primary pollinators for so many plants, including most of the fruits and vegetables that humans need to be healthy. While we as individuals aren’t the primary perpetrators when it comes to spraying the chemicals killing bees, there are things we can do to create a safe haven in the spaces we care for. And we can be kind to other bugs with whom we share the earth, too.

1. Take home a bee house, butterfly house, or insect hotel from our vegan boutique, Ethique Nouveau. These unique and fun structures provide a customized habitat for insects, encouraging them to move in and stay awhile.

2. When mosquitos land on you, instead of slapping and killing them, simply blow on them and they’ll fly away. To discourage them from hanging out on you, try one of the new, all natural, chemical-free Para Kito clips we carry at Ethique Nouveau.

3. Pass on the pesticides and chemicals for your lawn. Not only are these substances toxic to insects, but they can also harm companion, wild, and aquatic animals when they wash into streams and lakes.

4. Listen to your inner child and embrace dandelions! Remember when you were a kid and loved to pick those cheerful yellow flowers? Sometimes grownups get things wrong – and being crabby about dandelions is one of them. They, and clover, are wildflowers and provide important food for bees.