When Rescuing Really Means Killing: The Unanswered Questions

On Tuesday, February 10, 130 cats were “rescued” by the Animal Humane Society (AHS) from a hoarding situation in St. Anthony, Minnesota. AHS received multiple offers of help from other shelters and rescue organizations. AHS senior staff told the public and media that the cats would be kept for two to three weeks to complete medical and behavior evaluations. However, for the next few days, AHS executive director, Janelle Dixon was quoted as saying the cats were, “unlikely to be adoptable.” On Saturday, February 14, Dixon appeared on WCCO television and announced that the cats had been killed and cited common, treatable, and manageable ailments as the rationale for killing the cats.

Michele Rokke Speaks at ARC

Michele Rokke began working for PETA in 1994 as an undercover investigator. Her first assignment was to investigate allegations of cruelty at a horse ranch in North Dakota. After that she worked undercover at numerous facilities, including Boys Town National Research Hospital, various chicken farms, and, most notably, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), where she spent eight months investigating. HLS has been the target of a global campaign aimed at shutting them down because of the way animals are treated in its facilities. Michele spoke about her experience as an undercover investigator and shared what day-to-day life is like for animals in laboratories. You can watch an excerpt from her talk on YouTube.

Cut Out Dissection!

Over 50 high schools across Minnesota accepted ARC’s offer to provide books about conscientious objection to dissection! We included additional information about humane alternatives to dissection along with the books. Thanks to the generous sponsors of this program, thousands of high school students in Minnesota now have the resources they need to opt out of a cruel and outdated classroom practice. As a bonus, media specialists in high schools across Minnesota now know they can contact ARC for help in finding other animal-friendly resources.

High Marks All Around for Rhymes with Vegan

Star Tribune writer Kim Ode had wonderful things to say about Rhymes with Vegan, the online cooking show sponsored by ARC, and its host Meagan Holtgrewe. Ode said: “Good production values, great music and Holtgrewe’s engaging manner combine to make this a local asset.” Read the article. And the Bridge newspaper did a two-page spread on Rhymes with Vegan entitled “Critter-free cooking” and featured it in their “Chow” section.

ARC Quoted in Animal Sheltering Magazine

ARC’s comments on the USDA B dealer system and pound seizure in Minnesota were quoted in Animal Sheltering magazine, an award-winning magazine published by The Humane Society of the United States for shelters, animal services agencies, rescue groups, and anyone else interested in animal protection. Read “Still Not Making the Grade: The Battle Continues Against Class B Dealers.”