Bringing TV Outreach Back for the Season

With the weather getting warmer, ARC is eager to head to the streets with TV Outreach at local community events! 

The screens highlight what happens to animals when they’re exploited for human use and allows us to engage in conversations with people about animal-free alternatives. 

You will see ARC offering TV Outreach at the 2022 MayDay Festival, Open Streets Franklin and Open Streets Minnehaha. RSVP on Facebook and join us to educate our community about the truth behind animal exploitation. This is a great opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with, or interested in, talking to the public. Volunteers are invited to hold signs or screens provided by ARC while ARC representatives help onlookers process the footage on display.

More TV Outreach events will be scheduled as opportunities arise. If you know of an event that would be a good fit for this form of activism, email the Outreach Manager at

CALL TO ACTION: World Hunting Expo

The Safari Club International is returning to Brooklyn Park this Saturday, the 26th, for the Annual World Hunting Expo held at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest and we need your help in taking action. Here’s how you can do so: 

1. Join ARC to protest the expo on Saturday, the 26th, from 10:00-12:00 pm outside the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest. RSVP here! 

2. Tell the expo’s local MN sponsors, Rapid Graphics and the Grazzini Brothers & Company, to stop supporting the cruel and horrific practice of trophy hunting. 


Grazzini Brothers & Company: 

Rapid Graphics:  

Create a post, tweet or add to your story to express your concerns to the sponsors (make sure to tag them!). Here is an example message: 

“I was really upset to see Rapid Graphics and the Grazzini Brothers & Company as sponsors of the Safari Club International’s World Hunting Expo held at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest on Saturday, February 26th. The expo exhibits one of the largest taxidermy displays in the Midwest and includes a long list of exploitative vendors, gun raffles and live auctions offering extravagant hunting trips to places all over the world, such as South Africa and Mexico. The Safari Club International claims their role in conservation of certain animals while celebrating the murder of others. It’s a shame Rapid Graphics and the Grazzini Brothers & Company have chosen to sponsor this event that promotes the horrific practice of trophy hunting.”

You can read more information about the expo here:  

*Please be polite, civil and diplomatic in your comments* 

A Bittersweet Update

Amy Leinen, ARC’s New Campaign Manager

As we come to the close of another productive year for ARC, we have bittersweet news to share with our supporters: Our effervescent and intrepid Campaign Manager, Ashley Riddle, will be leaving her position as of December 24th. Ashley’s passion for animal rights activism has served ARC well over the last four years. From her tireless work on our Go Humane, Blaine puppy mill campaign to initiating and developing ARC’s newest campaign against animal abuse at the Minnesota State Fair to everything in between, Ashley has been commendably representing ARC at the forefront of the most pressing animal issues in Minnesota. We are very sad to say farewell to this fierce animal activist, but fear not! Ashley will still be doing online workshops and volunteering for ARC as often as possible.

Now the sweet: We have hired Amy Leinen as ARC’s new Campaign Manager! Many of you in the animal rights community already know Amy but for those who don’t, Amy has been an active volunteer with ARC for almost 10 years. She is currently an ARC vegan mentor and one of our dine-out leaders, and she volunteers regularly for Pay Per View and various ARC special events. Outside of ARC, Amy volunteers for several local sanctuaries, runs the Chicken Rescuers in Minnesota Facebook group, and runs a small chicken microsanctuary. Amy has leadership experience as the previous president of the Minnesota Homeschooler’s Alliance and the coordinator for their annual conference. Like Ashley, Amy is well known and well liked in our local community. We’re excited to have someone with such relevant experience and networking skills on board.

Au revoir, Ashley; we love you and miss you already! And welcome, Amy! Great to have you on the ARC team!

ARC Brings TVs to the Streets

On Sunday, October 24th, ARC set up with TVs in the middle of Open Streets Minnehaha to show the public what happens to animals exploited for their flesh, secretions and for their fur. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of positive interactions we experienced with attendees! Numerous people thanked us for standing up for animals or nodded their heads in agreement with the cause as they walked by. We had many positive conversations about switching to a plant-based diet, the wide variety of alternatives available in grocery stores today and the numerous vegan restaurants now open in the Twin Cities. 

ARC plans to schedule a couple more TV demos before the weather gets too cold. If you are interested in volunteering, please email the Outreach Manager at

Ribnick Furs Closes After 76 Years of Exploiting Animals

Big news!  Ribnick Furs has announced they will be closing their doors at the end of 2021!

ARC has been standing up for victims of the fur industry in a variety of ways since the early 80’s and many of these demonstrations have taken place right outside Ribnick. As more companies decide to stop selling the skin and fur of tortured animals, the time is NOW to put pressure on the Minneapolis City Council to ban the sale of new fur in the city.

YOU can help make this happen!  If you live in Minneapolis, please reach out to your city council member and urge them to support a ban on the sale of new fur.

Our coalition partner, Fur Free Minneapolis has made taking action really easy. There is also action you can take if you’re not a Minneapolis resident.  Check out their site,, it will only take a couple minutes, and it could assist in making fur history!

Go Humane, Blaine!


The city of Blaine is considering passing a humane pet store ordinance to stop the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores.

We are asking Blaine residents to contact the City Council to express support for the humane pet store ordinance.  Hearing from their community is very important!

If you live and Blaine and would like a “Go Humane, Blaine” sign for your yard and/or would like to be contacted once the city council has a meeting addressing the ordinance that is open to the public for comment, please contact our Campaign Manager at and she will help you out!

For further information, please follow our Facebook page, Minnesotans Exposing the Pet Trade. Join us for our regular pet store protests!

If you live in Blaine, click this link to take action.

ARC Volunteer Shares Excitement for Farmers Market Season

“Hi ARC Volunteers,

I just wanted to say a few words about tabling and doing outreach at the Farmers Markets and to encourage anyone who has even a remote interest to get involved in these awesome events. This is a great way to encourage and support an ethical lifestyle and to help educate those who are misinformed.  ARC has great materials so it makes it easy to interact with people (even for us introverts).

I have been involved in the tabling at the Farmers Markets for several years and have found it to be fun and rewarding.  When I first started, I only attended them sporadically and I’d wonder if we were really doing any good. Then one summer, I was at the same Farmers Market multiple times, so was able to see and interact with the same people through the summer and see what happened over the course of time. These are just a few of many examples that tell me we do make a difference:

  • A woman came up to chat and tell me that she was vegetarian but she could never become vegan because she could never give up cheese.  I talked a little about dairy and recommended several vegan brands she could try. A few weeks later she came back and told me how she had found some of that Miyoko’s cheese on sale and she really liked it.
  • A gentleman came up and in a defensive/argumentative manner, asked me many questions about lots of aspects of veganism.  He did ended up taking some of the literature.  Later in the summer he came back and told me he had finally gone vegan and it was going ok so far and asked for some ideas on eating out in the Twin Cities.

We also regularly have people stopping by – especially new vegans – looking for support, recipes and other information.  They are very appreciative of any help we can give and with what we have available so would definitely recommend trying this out if you are looking for a great way to become more involved!” – Dedicated and longtime ARC Volunteer, Shaun.

If you’re interested in volunteering with ARC, please email the Outreach Manager at 

Community Gardening with Youth Farm

Join ARC at the first Community Gardening event of the season! Last year, ARC was fortunate to start volunteering with Youth Farm, a nonprofit organization that utilizes food as a catalyst for social change, community engagement, and leadership development focused on youth in the community. We’ll be joining them on Tuesday, May 18th, from 3:00-6:00 pm in St. Paul to kick off the growing season. If you’re interested in joining ARC to volunteer with Youth Farm, email