Cuddle Coats: Helping Wild Animals Go Home

baby possum at Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife CenterEvery year millions of animals are killed for their furs. For those who have decided they no longer want to walk around sporting dead animal skins, ARC’s Cuddle Coats program will take in those furs and give them back to those who really need them: orphaned and injured wild animals. Check out the adorable recipient of a Cuddle Coat, a baby possum growing up strong and secure at Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center.

During the rehabilitation process, contact with humans must be kept to a minimum. Fur helps establish a nurturing and soothing environment for these animals. Think of the fur as a surrogate parent. The donated furs offer comfort, warmth, and rehabilitation to these ophaned and injured animals before their release into the wild.

Animal Ark Thrift Store is one of the local businesses that have taken a pledge not to sell furs in their stores. Instead, all furs Animal Ark receives are donated to the Cuddle Coats program. These furs are not sold for profit, but instead are sent to our 22 wildlife rehabilitation partners across the country to be put to use helping wild animals in need. Furs can also be donated at Ethique Nouveau, Everyday People Clothing Exchange, and Earth Exchange.

From the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, Inc. in Missouri “Thank you so much for sending us some Cuddle Coats! Our first animals to try them out were a litter of baby mice – and they loved them! Keep up the good work! And thanks again!”