Day of Action at Whole Foods

rabbit_whole_foodsJoin animal advocates on Sunday, August 17 in asking Whole Foods to stop selling rabbit flesh, and asking Whole Foods customers to join us at the St. Paul Whole Foods Market, 30 Fairview Ave. S, St. Paul, Minnesota from 11 am to 2 pm!

While the organizers of this event do not support the slaughter of any animal, this event is focused on Whole Foods’ new pilot program to sell rabbit flesh. It has been confirmed that Whole Foods is now selling rabbit flesh in every Minnesota location. Whole Foods is attempting to create demand for rabbit flesh and is sourcing from states that have passed Ag-Gag laws making it illegal to document abuses behind farm walls. Rabbits have almost no protections under the law as the USDA considers them exempt from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

Together we will send a peaceful message to Whole Foods that introducing new flesh foods is not okay. We will have signs and flyers and ask shoppers to sign a petition and to fill out comment cards politely asking Whole Foods to stop the sale of rabbit flesh.