Expanded Outreach Possible with New, Innovative Brochure

Page 1 of Have You Ever Stopped to Think About Them?We’re excited to show you our brand new brochure Have You Ever Stopped to Think About Them, designed to make our message of justice for animals accessible to even more people.

A recent study by the Humane Research Council looked at several of the most commonly used pieces of animal advocacy literature from large groups and discovered that they were all written at a level only accessible to people with a literacy rate of 11th grade or higher. But according to the U.S. Department of Education, only about 15% of our population reads and comprehends at that level.

ARC set out to create a brochure that would lay out the case for animal equality in very simple terms so that more people in our communities could receive our message in a way that works for them. We were able to get the brochure’s text down to a 7th grade reading level, creating a tool that will allow our message to be more accessible to more people. Going forward, we’re hoping to translate the brochure into Spanish, Somali, and Hmong.