Join ARC on Slack!

All members of the Animal Rights Coalition are encouraged to join Slack, a simple and incredibly useful instant messaging app. Slack has transformed the way organizations communicate. We’re offering Slack as the simplest and most effective way for volunteers to connect and build an online community of animal activists in Minnesota!

Using Slack, you can get automatic updates on upcoming events, receive calls to action right from your phone, ask advice, and start conversations about your volunteer experiences with ARC and other volunteers just like you – instantly!

Curious if an event is canceled due to the weather? Looking for someone to carpool with to a protest? Not sure where to find our group for your volunteer shift? Just head over to Slack and ask your network instantly! By abandoning long email chains and opening up the conversation, we can bring more people to the table and get quicker and more efficient results.

Join in the conversation now by signing up as a volunteer with ARC!