Mpls Marriott Northwest – Killing is NOT Conservation

The MN Safari Club International (SCI) World Hunting Expo will be at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest on Saturday, January 24th, to auction off trips to slaughter animals across the world. SCI claims “to make a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems” while referring to hunted animals as “trophies.” Killing is not conservation. This event is a sick excuse to allow people to kill wildlife so they can snap a photo, hang the animal’s head on their wall, or use their skin as a rug. Read more about trophy hunting here:…/wildli…/trophy-hunting/…
We’re asking you to do at least TWO challenges from the Call-to-Action options below:
  • Post on social media (X-Twitter, Meta, Instagram, TikTok) about the SCI World Hunting Expo protest and tag the Animal Rights Coalition and the venues.
  • Create posters and join us at the protest (we do have posters available too). Slogan ideas for trophy hunting signs: Not Your Trophy, End Trophy Hunting, Hunting is Not Conservation, and Honk Against Trophy Hunting
  • Tell your local newspaper, TV news station, and radio station about the protest.
  • Leave a Google Review for the businesses and the venues hosting the events:
    • Search for the business you want to review on Google.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the business’s profile page.
    • Click on the “Write a review” button.
    • Select a star rating and write your review.
    • Click on the “Post” button to publish your review.
  • Reach out to the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest and share your concerns that a respected establishment would host an event that promotes violence towards animals. Remind them that trophy hunting is a cruel “sport” that needs to stop.