Oppose the Ag-Gag!

The “ag-gag” bills, S.F. 1118/H.F. 1369, are still alive when the Minnesota Legislature convenes January 24 and may come up for hearings this session.. These bills would make it illegal for someone to enter a farm or animal-producing facility and take videos or photos without the owner’s permission. The bills would make even just possessing and distributing these videos or photos a crime. The bills did not pass in 2011 because many people, including the news media, thought they were unconstitutional.

The lead author of the bill in the House, Representative Rod Hamilton from southwestern Minnesota, lists his occupation as “pork producer” and is a former president of the Minnesota Pork Producers. We think that says it all – kind of makes us wonder what Representative Hamilton doesn’t want us to see.

Please contact your legislators and let them know that this bill represents the worst kind of pandering to agri-business special interests. Don’t know who your legislators are? Find them at District Finder.