Save the Date for the 26th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck!

The food will be bountiful and delicious when you join ARC and friends for the 26th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck on Sunday, November 10. All are welcome. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend.

This is a wonderful event to bring your friends and family to and show them how delicious vegan holiday eating can be. We are looking forward to sharing a special meal with all of our friends, longtime and brand new.

Beverages will be provided, along with a variety of vegan cheeses and vegan turkey roasts to sample. Bring a vegan main dish, side dish, or dessert to share, along with a serving spoon (vegan = no meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey, or refined sugar). Your dish should serve at least 10 people. Please bring a list of ingredients so we can be allergy-friendly and also bring your own plate and utensils if possible. Location is Living Spirit United Methodist Church, 4501 Bloomington Ave. in Minneapolis from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Please RSVP at the Facebook or Vegan Meetup event so we know how many people to expect. Thanks to The Herbivorous Butcher for their support and donation of their delicious vegan cheese and turkey roast.

Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food with Dr. Will Tuttle

Save the date! On Monday, September 9, Dr. Will Tuttle will speak at Unity Church, 4000 Golden Valley Rd. in Golden Valley on Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food. Author of the international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, published in sixteen languages, Tuttle connects the dots between ethical, ecological, health, cultural, and spiritual issues and our civilization’s ten thousand year-old practice of herding and exploiting animals for food and other products.

Winner of the Courage of Conscience Award (along with the Dalai Lama, Rosa Parks, and Pete Seeger), Tuttle will share an inspiring vision for a “true revolution of non-violence” on our planet.

Socializing and refreshments from 6:30-7:00 p.m, presentation and Question and Answer session from 7:00-8:15 p.m. Following his talk, Dr. Tuttle will be available to sign The World Peace Diet, as well as his five other books.  A donation is suggested, but not required, to attend this event.

“Human freedom, justice, and harmony require that we liberate animals,
and that we show respect, harmony, and justice in our daily meals and in our way of living.”

ARC Receives VegFund Award

We are so honored to receive an award from VegFund, an incredible organization that makes much of our work possible! The award reads “Since 2011, the Animal Rights Coalition has carried out more than 98 VegFund-supported food samplings and PPV (Pay Per View) outreach activities. We’re pleased to recognize ARC for its relentless outreach in Minnesota and surrounding states and its work to build a true coalition by empowering young activists with resources and support.” Thank you VegFund for your support of our work to help animals!

Make Minneapolis the Next Fur Free City!

Fur Free Minneapolis, the Animal Rights Coalition, and other advocates are urging the Minneapolis City Council to pass an ordinance that bans the sale of new fur products within the city. Please sign the petition urging the city council and mayor Jacob Frey to make Minneapolis the next fur free city. West Hollywood, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have already passed ordinances banning  the sale of fur products, and these bans have been successfully defended in court. And 14 countries in Europe have banned fur production entirely. Let’s add Minneapolis to this list and show that we will no longer condone the brutal and cruel fur industry.

ARC Volunteer Day at Chicken Run Rescue

Join us for an ARC Volunteer Day at Chicken Run Rescue on Sunday, May 26 from noon to 3:00 PM. RSVP at AR Meetup as soon as possible as this popular event is limited to 12 people. Now that Spring is here, there will be plenty of clean up outside to get things ready for the birds to soak up the sun and take their dust baths. At this chicken chore party we will help to get the birds’ playgrounds ready for Spring. We will be performing any tasks that need doing, including garden work. There will be plenty of variety for all levels of strength and mobility. Vegan refreshments will be provided. CRR is located about 30 minutes south of the Twin Cities.

For security reasons, CRR is a closed sanctuary open only to staff, volunteers, and invited guests. We will send out the exact address to those who RSVP YES prior to the event.

Hennepin HealthCare Ends Use of Live Animals in Emergency Medicine Training

Last July we protested, once again, along with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), outside Hennepin County Medical Center, urging HCMC to stop their use of live animals in emergency medicine residency training. ARC staff helped PCRM deliver over 72,000 petitions to the Hennepin HealthCare board of directors after the demo.

In a big victory for animals, Hennepin Healthcare, which operates HCMC in Minneapolis and trains residents from the University of Minnesota, recently announced that it had finally ended its use of live sheep and rabbits in invasive procedures (up to 150 rabbits and 150 sheep were used annually).

PCRM has now filed a complaint with the USDA against the Mayo Clinic contending that Mayo is violating the federal Animal Welfare Act by operating a training program that includes surgery on live pigs. Mayo is one of only 15 programs in the country that continue to use live animals to train medical residents in emergency medicine. According to PCRM, most training programs have switched to simulators to educate new doctors in surgical techniques such as inserting breathing tubes or opening chest cavities.

Protest Trophy Hunting at the Minnesota Safari Club International Annual Convention

Join us to protest the archaic and cruel practice of trophy hunting at the Minnesota SCI World Hunting Expo on Saturday, February 23 from 10:00 A.M. – noon at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest, 7025 Northland Drive N in Brooklyn Park. This year they’re going to be auctioning off items like a white rhino hunt and a leopard hunt. You can see all the animal killing being auctioned off here.

Cecil the lion was killed several years ago by Dr. Walter Palmer from Bloomington, MN – let’s not forget Cecil and all the other animals who will die for someone’s misplaced vanity and sad need to hang a dead animal on their wall. Signs will be provided, but feel free to bring your

2018 Recap from Ashley

My first year as ARC Program Director has been incredible and I’m grateful I was given this opportunity! To be able to reach so many people through so many avenues has been amazing. ARC has such a variety of events to help animals, whether we’re helping out at Chicken Run Rescue, having meaningful conversations with people about the benefits of plant-based eating at events like the Healthy Life Expo, talking about the environmental impact of animal agriculture at Sustainability Fairs, or using our virtual reality videos to give people a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of animals.

We organized many protests to stand up for animals who are used for entertainment, experimentation, or clothing and it has been wonderful seeing so many new faces at these events. It’s always great hearing attendees say they were a bit apprehensive about protesting, but were pleasantly surprised by the peaceful way we conduct our demos, and how they feel empowered by getting a chance to take their passion for protecting animals to another level.

Being able to bring people together and build on this community in Minnesota has been a very rewarding aspect of being with ARC. From our twice-a-month volunteer meetings to events like our Hot Dish Cook-Off and Turkey Free Friendsgiving, it’s exciting to see how many people are embracing a vegan lifestyle and I’m looking forward to what 2019 is going to bring. Thank you all for your support and for caring about animals!
– Ashley Riddle, ARC Program Director