Pay Per View at Augsburg College

Students watching the videoOur Pay Per View Outreach Team engaged and educated 84 Augsburg College students on February 18 about speciesism and the suffering of animals used for food. Volunteers Ben, Jenna, and Troy, and ARC Program Director Dallas Rising had many great follow-up conversations with students to get their reactions and hear their comments.

One student’s comment in particular said it all: “What made you decide to go vegan?” Troy asked a student during a debrief where the student chose ‘every meal’ as his vegan pledge. “This video.” replied the student.

Our Pay Per View outreach program offers people one dollar to view a short video on practices in the animal agriculture industry, which includes footage taken in slaughterhouses and on farms. Then our trained volunteers have debrief conversations with viewers and provide them with take-home info about how changing their eating habits can make a huge difference for animals, the earth, and themselves. Viewers are asked to pledge to start eating plant-based meals for a specific number of days per week and are given information about ARC’s Vegan University program, which is designed to help people go – and stay – vegan in a way that works for them.