Petland Sells Dogs from Puppy Mills: The Truth about Saint Paul’s Petland Store

13915_10152666316264297_123367606766909811_nThe Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) has evaluated hundreds of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection documents, obtained through a Minnesota Data Practices Act request from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health. ARC uncovered definitive evidence that since the Fall of 2013, Saint Paul Petland (Sun Ray Shopping Center) purchased hundreds of puppies from Menning Enterprises (Edgerton, MN) a large-scale puppy breeder and broker, and also purchased puppies from Heritage Puppies (Lake Mills, IA), another breeder/broker. This, despite Petland’s vehement claims that they don’t buy from large breeders or puppy mills.

Menning’s USDA inspection report from July 22, 2014 shows 513 adult dogs and 289 puppies on the property. Since 2013, when the store was sold to the current owner Vanessa Rojas, hundreds of animals—from pomeranians to cocker spaniels, chihuahuas to miniature pinschers —were purchased from Menning and resold to the public by the Saint Paul Petland. Heritage Puppies’ USDA inspection report from September 4, 2014 shows 443 adult dogs and 101 puppies on site.

Menning doesn’t just breed puppies for profit, they also obtain puppies from other breeders and then resell them. For example, ARC uncovered a sale of dachshund puppies, just 8 weeks old when shipped, from Clearwater Kennels (Cushing, MN) to Menning on August 19, 2014. Clearwater is the largest puppy mill in Minnesota with over 1,000 dogs (738 adult dogs and 312 puppies) on the property as of September 9, 2014.

Dallas Rising, ARC Executive Director states, “The Petland corporation has been under national pressure for years to change their business practices to a more humane model. Over one third of their franchises have closed since this campaign began because when people learn the truth about where animals in pet stores come from, they’re appalled. More people are embracing the joy that comes from adopting an animal in need of a home and feel great that they’re saving a life instead of putting more money into the pet trade. A quick web search today found over 276,000 incredible, loving animals just waiting for someone to take a chance on them in shelters and rescues in our area.”

The national campaign against Petland is going strong, and Minnesota’s group (Minnesotans Exposing Petland) is active. ARC invites the public to tell Petland they don’t support the business of selling dogs from puppy mills. Join ARC’s next peaceful demonstration at the Saint Paul Petland store (Sun Ray Shopping Center, 2123 Old Hudson Rd., St Paul) on Sunday, March 15.