About Vegan University

Vegan University is a free program designed to help you go – and stay – vegan in a way that works for you. You can sign up for your own vegan mentor, take a vegan grocery shopping tour, and go to workshops – and it’s all free! We’re here to help and to get you across that finish line in your transition to a plant-based diet!

Vegan University consists of these elements originated by ARC: Vegan Grocery Shopping Tours of local co-ops and markets designed to teach you how to shop vegan, Help! I’m Going Vegan, Plant-based Nutrition, Vegan Meal Planning, and Vegan on a Budget workshops, and a Vegan Mentor program. We host Easy Peasy vegan cooking classes at local co-ops, have a YouTube library of our Feed Me Vegan cooking shows, and lead Vegan Community Circle discussion groups where we offer support and ideas about challenges you might be facing.

Upcoming Vegan University shopping tours, workshops, and discussion groups are posted on our calendar and also on our Vegan Meetup page.

Vegan Grocery Shopping Tours

If you’re new to, or just curious about veganism sign up for one of our free guided Vegan Grocery Shopping Tours, which are led by experienced vegans. You’ll learn how to shop vegan, get tips for reading labels, discover products you may have overlooked in the past, and have your questions about veganism answered.

Megan leading Vegan Shopping Tour at Seward Co-Op

Melissa leading Shopping Tour at Valley Natural Foods

Help! I’m Going Vegan, Plant-based Nutrition, Vegan Meal Planning, and Vegan on a Budget Workshops

Are you vegan-curious? A new vegan? Someone who just simply loves kale? Well then come on out to a free Help! I’m Going Vegan workshop and get your vegan on! We’ll answer any questions you have about going – and staying – vegan. The workshop addresses everything from environmental concerns, to animal rights, to the impact going vegan might have on interpersonal relationships. After the workshop, if you choose, you’ll have the chance to get set up with one of our many helpful vegan mentors.

If you’re vegan, how many times have you been asked “where do you get your protein?” Too many times to count we’re guessing. If you’re interested in learning how to answer this question or more information about vegan nutrition in general, join us for a free Plant-based Nutrition workshop. You’ll learn how to get nutrients such as protein, B12, Omega 3, calcium, and iron and we’ll also discuss healthful ways to incorporate color and variety into your diet. After the workshop you’ll be able to make not only ethically sound, but also health-conscious choices about what you eat.

Have you ever been confused about what vegan recipes to make or wanted to learn new tricks for storing your produce? We’ll give you tips on shopping, discuss smoothies versus juicing, and give you a seven-day meal guide in our Vegan Meal Planning workshop. Plus we’ll discuss looking at vegan nutrition from a holistic perspective and also come up with a comprehensive list of salads and sandwiches for on-the-go people.

Whether you’re a student, a parent raising a family on a tight budget, or someone just trying to save a buck, a vegan lifestyle can be a money-saver as well as a life-saver. We’ll give you cost-effective shopping and meal ideas that are sure to please in our Vegan on a Budget workshop.

Vegan Mentor Program

Find a Vegan Mentor

If you’d like a Vegan Mentor of your very own, ARC will match you with one of our volunteer mentors who will help you make the transition to a healthy, compassionate life as easy as possible. Fill out an application online or stop by our office, fill out an application with your contact information and interests, check out the mentor bio book, and then choose a mentor who best suits you. Your mentor will contact you with information about events and opportunities related to your interests and will be available to you as a resource for any challenges you face in transitioning to a vegan diet. The relationship can be as active or casual as you choose. Going vegan has never been easier or more fun! This is a free service and it’s only available through the Animal Rights Coalition so sign up today!

Why Vegan University?

Instead of expecting people to make far reaching changes in their lives based on a one-time message or quick read of a leaflet, Vegan University connects with people on a deeper level. What makes Vegan University so unique is that we not only provide easy access to reliable information, but we also support people interested in making the transition to veganism via mentoring, community, and ongoing social support. It’s vital that we help people with the “how” once they believe in the “why” and that’s exactly what ARC is doing through Vegan University.

What People are Saying About Vegan University

“I follow the Vegan University Facebook page religiously – you guys have the best vegan outreach info and events! You do such a good job with starter information and classes and grocery tours! I love it!”

“We really enjoyed our tour and filled up a shopping cart the next day. Until this week, we claimed being 3/4 vegetarian but after touring with you we’re going full vegan.”
Cliff and Gloria

“This was incredibly informative and fun. The workshop leader knows what she is talking about and had answers for all our questions.”

“I decided to overhaul my diet and lifestyle and ‘go vegan’ – cold turkey. The most difficult part of this transition has been educating myself, as I’ve definitely made plenty of rookie mistakes at the grocery store! I’ve purchased soy cheese, not knowing what casein was until I got home and looked it up. I’ve been duped by clever packaging, only to get home and find out my supposedly vegan food contained ‘dehydrated egg whites.’ These are exactly the rookie mistakes that this experience addresses! I found this grocery shopping tour to be extremely valuable. I’d do it again, for sure…”