Ribnick Furs Closes After 76 Years of Exploiting Animals

Big news!  Ribnick Furs has announced they will be closing their doors at the end of 2021!

ARC has been standing up for victims of the fur industry in a variety of ways since the early 80’s and many of these demonstrations have taken place right outside Ribnick. As more companies decide to stop selling the skin and fur of tortured animals, the time is NOW to put pressure on the Minneapolis City Council to ban the sale of new fur in the city.

YOU can help make this happen!  If you live in Minneapolis, please reach out to your city council member and urge them to support a ban on the sale of new fur.

Our coalition partner, Fur Free Minneapolis has made taking action really easy. There is also action you can take if you’re not a Minneapolis resident.  Check out their site, https://furfreeminneapolis.org/, it will only take a couple minutes, and it could assist in making fur history!