Show Up for MN Ren Fest Elephants

On February 21st, Scott County officials will consider whether to revoke a conditional use permit for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival due to traffic and parking issues, and other permit violations at the Shakopee site. After years of protesting outside of the Renaissance Festival in opposition of their cruel animal rides, the Animal Rights Coalition is taking advantage of this opportunity to speak to Scott County and the public. ARC representatives and a longtime ARC volunteer (and Shakopee resident) will be present at the city council meeting to share concerns about the ethics of animal rides at the MN Ren Fest. Show support for the Ren Fest elephants by joining ARC at the public hearing on Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 pm

Other venues in the US, like the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, have already made the ethical decision to cancel cruel elephant rides. It’s time for Scott County to step up and do the same.

Photo taken by Brooke Reynolds (Captured by Brooke Photography):…/Features/Ren-Fest-2017/