Their Lives – Your Lunch Hour

WuXi AppTec animal use diagramThanks to everyone who joined us for the World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week protest at WuXi AppTec on Friday, April 26 from 11:00am to 2:00pm at 2540 Executive Drive in Mendota Heights.

WuXi AppTec has the dubious distinction of being considered the number one “Most Painful” research lab in the country in terms of the percentage of animals who are tested on at this facility without pain relief. The Mendota Heights location’s 2011 USDA Annual Report showed that the company tested on 5,290 rabbits and 23,778 guinea pigs. 20,769 of the guinea pigs and 7 of the rabbits were subjected to testing involving “accompanying pain or distress to the animals” without being given an appropriate anesthetic, pain reliever, or tranquilizer. In just one example, a rabbit was placed in a “rabbit stock” and a rectal probe was inserted into the rabbit, who was then injected with a test material to which the rabbit had a “severe reaction.” The rabbit was found dead the following morning, having experienced a “significant electrolyte imbalance” due to a “sample preparation error.”

With nine facilities in China and six in the U.S., this Chinese company tortures hundreds of thosands of dogs, cats, primates, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other species of animal annually.