Twin Cities Pet Expo Outreach

The Melissas make a great team!

Thanks to all the volunteers who staffed the ARC booth at the two-day Pet Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We had 91 people view a video about the treatment of animals on farms and gave out over 800 pieces of literature. Great job, ARC Outreach Team!

Watching the video

ARC is partnering with FARM on the Pay Per View Program, an innovative new outreach strategy where people are offered $1.00 to watch a 4-minute video. Pay Per View exposes the public to the harsh reality of animal agriculture in a way that most other outreach cannot. With headphones on and a privacy enclosure around the screen, viewers are intimately engaged in what they are seeing. Viewers often tear up or become angry after watching the video, and our volunteers turn that passion into action by encouraging them to decrease their consumption of animal products and work towards a vegan diet. Follow-up surveys demonstrate that over 50% of respondents reduced animal product consumption after watching the video.