Vegan Hotdish Cook-off Contestant Form


Thank you for choosing to participate in our 6th Annual Vegan Hotdish Cookoff!
Saturday, October 13th, 2018 12pm
Fuller Park Recreation Center 4800 Grand Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Contest Rules:

1) Recipe should be for a hot dish, or casserole; i.e. a meal that is cooked and served in one dish. (Crock-pots are not allowed)

2) Recipe should be original, and not published or used in previous competitions.

3) Recipe must be vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, honey, refined sugar, or other animal by-products). This year's theme is BRUNCH.

4)We are selling eighty general admission tickets in addition to having three judges. Please prepare one small dish for the three judges to sample, in addition to a minimum of ten pounds of hot dish. Ten pounds will provide eighty samples that weigh 2 oz. each.

5) Please bring copies of your recipe for the judges.

6) Please arrive by 11:30am so we can set up and be ready to serve at noon! We will have a short meet and greet, informal photo shoot, and non-alcoholic toast for contestants before the event.

7) There are two prizes: Judge’s Pick and Audience Favorite. Please invite lots of people to the event and encourage them to support you in the competition!

We don't have facilities for cooking your hotdish at Fuller Park as there is only one oven available there. Please bring your hotdish pre-cooked. We can warm it up if needed, but there is only one oven, so please keep that in mind. If you have a hotplate, you’re welcome to bring it.

We have scoops this year for you to use to dish out your samples, but if you prefer to use your own utensil, that is fine, too. We'll provide compostable sample cups and forks for you to give the samples to people.

There is a $20 deposit to hold your spot. This will be returned to you on the day of the event. If you do not show up for the event, your deposit will be cashed.

Deposit Options:

Send a check to:
Hot Dish Cookoff
Animal Rights Coalition
317 W 48th St
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Drop cash off at same address above

Call 612-822-6161 to make a CC deposit (not run unless contestant no-shows)

If you have any questions about the space or the event, please contact Andrew Seffrood at

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