We made a difference in animals’ lives

ARC_AnnualReport2016_Cover_compressed2016 was a year of continued growth and innovation for ARC. We saw victories in individual programs and campaigns to help animals, continued to innovate and explore new forms of outreach, and expanded our community of animal advocates. Through outreach and education that raised awareness about the plight of animals and encouraged ethical choices, we made a difference in animals’ lives.

We want to thank our volunteers and donors for their gifts of time and funds in 2016. You are the backbone of the work we do. None of what we accomplish could be done without you. We’ve seen the treatment of animals shift and go through many stages and we’ve been there. Together with your help we’ll continue working to reshape the world for animals. Please check out our ARC Annual Report 2016 to see how we continued to reach a record number of people with the message that animals matter for their own reasons.