Go Humane, Blaine!


The city of Blaine is considering passing a humane pet store ordinance to stop the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores.

We are asking Blaine residents to contact the City Council to express support for the humane pet store ordinance.  Hearing from their community is very important!

If you live and Blaine and would like a “Go Humane, Blaine” sign for your yard and/or would like to be contacted once the city council has a meeting addressing the ordinance that is open to the public for comment, please contact our Campaign Manager at ashleyr@animalrightscoalition.com and she will help you out!

For further information, please follow our Facebook page, Minnesotans Exposing the Pet Trade. Join us for our regular pet store protests!

If you live in Blaine, click this link to take action.