ARC Outreach: Many Conversations in Many Locations

Photo of Rhonda and Sky

Rhonda and Sky made a great team at the Pet Expo

The demand for our programs to help animals is increasing tremendously and we’ve continued expanding our outreach to meet this demand, reaching large numbers of people with our message of a more just world for animals. Some highlights of recent outreach are below.

We focused on Petland at our booth at the Twin Cities Pet Expo on March 23 and 24 at the Convention Center in Minneapolis and distributed nearly 500 copies of our compelling new Petland brochure. Over 300 people signed up to be notified about our twice monthly demonstrations encouraging Petland not to sell live animals.

Photo of Team Riverland

Team Riverland in Austin: Ben, Jennifer, Dallas, Garrett, and Jenna

Our Pay Per View Outreach Team educated 88 Normandale College students in Bloomington on March 19 and 72 Riverland Community College students in Austin on April 1 about the suffering of animals used for food. We gave viewers an opportunity to share their thoughts about the movie, asked them to take a vegan pledge, and offered them an opportunity to receive one vegan recipe via email a week and to sign up for our monthly newsletter.





We held Vegan Shopping Tours on March 9 at the Wedge in Minneapolis, on March 10 at Mississippi Market in St. Paul, on April 2 at Cub Foods in Minneapolis, and on April 7 at the Wedge again. At the Wedge’s request, we’ll be doing tours there one Sunday each month from now on.

We held a movie night on April 8 to watch Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, at the Minnehaha Free Space. This movie is a story of transformation and healing that explores the lives of people who grew up in traditional animal farming culture and who now question the basic assumptions of this way of life.

Dallas Rising, ARC Program Director, was interviewed on KFAI Radio and Animal Wise Radio. The Animal Wise hosts described ARC as “very thoughtful and pragmatic about how they do their work to advocate for animals. They do a lot of boots on the ground networking and informing, trying to show people a different way of being in the world.”