Challenging the Myth of Humane Animal Products

As the media pay increased attention to the abuses occurring at large-scale animal farming operations, consumers are seeking alternatives. Labels such as “Cage Free,” “Free Range,” “Humanely Certified,” and “Grass Fed” suggest that those willing to pay a higher price can enjoy eggs, dairy, and meat from small-scale “humane” farms that treat animals with compassion and respect. But is the public being misled?

ARC’s “Humane Farming Myth” brochure answers this question and is a great resource to share with family and friends. Preview the brochure and then contact ARC for copies to share with others. Here’s what Shannon Kimball of Bridges of Respect had to say about the brochure: “I’m a humane educator giving roughly 80 presentations a year to students ranging from grades six through college…ARC’s brochure, “The Humane Farming Myth”, is just what I was looking for! Finally, there is a comprehensible piece of literature to encompass a broader insight: That regardless of the label on the package animals are harmed when they are used for food. I want to make sure each student receives at least one.”