Direct Care is Direct Action!

As interest in “urban farming” spreads, many cities are considering letting residents keep chickens. This presents challenges regarding the quality of their care and will likely lead to a huge increase in abandoned birds. Minneapolis currently tolerates wanton breeding, swapping, and backyard slaughter, all of which are being actively promoted by local urban farming enthusiasts. ARC and Chicken Run Rescue encourage you to take an active role in advocating for chickens and other domestic fowl as this trend continues (view the CRR brochure for more information).

Here’s what you can do:

Sign up as a foster or volunteer with CRR to help care for chickens, consider adopting birds who need homes, and apply for chicken permits.
Become involved in local policy development and standards of care. Lobby for education requirements for permit applicants. Work to ensure that backyard slaughter is prohibited in your city.
Advocate for roosters – 50% of hatched chicks are roosters and they are killed outright, abandoned, or sold to slaughter. Oppose limits and bans on roosters.