End Canterbury Park’s “Extreme” Race Days

Each year Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN adds “extreme” races to its usual lineup of horse racing, proclaiming “It’s a real zoo! Camel, Ostrich, and Zebra races!” The camel, ostrich, and zebra races are being marketed as “Extreme Race Day,” but what is more extreme is that while at least 13 horses died in 2021 at Canterbury Park, now the track has planned to subject other species to abuse and risks. Join ARC in reaching out to Canterbury Park to let them know using animals for entertainment is something you don’t support and request that they stop this unethical activity. 


  1. Protest this ridiculous and exploitative event in person on Sunday, July 17th, from 12:00-2:00 pm with ARC. Use your voice to peacefully show Canterbury and its patrons that you don’t believe animals should be used as entertainment, exotic or otherwise.
  2. Consider posting a comment on the Canterbury Park Facebook page and contact Randy Sampson, President of Canterbury Park, at rsampson@canterburypark.com and ask him to cancel this event. Please be polite as rude comments will not help the animals. We’ve provided some thoughtful wording to help you format what you could say here.
  3. Post an image of yourself and friends holding pieces of paper saying something like, “Say No to Canterbury’s Extreme Race Day.” Make sure you share it on social media platforms and tag Canterbury Park
  4. Follow Animal Rights Coalition for more events and action alerts.