Fur Free Ordinance Introduced in Minneapolis

Congratulations to our coalition partner, Fur Free Minneapolis on reaching a major milestone with the introduction of their fur free ordinance at Minneapolis city hall, which will prohibit the sale of new animal fur products in Minneapolis! Huge thanks to city council authors Alondra Cano and Cam Gordon.

The ban will not force any Minneapolis businesses to close. Companies which currently sell animal fur will have a phase-in period, during which they can transition to selling fur-free products. There is an exemption in the ordinance which protects the rights of Native American tribes to sell fur for traditional and spiritual purposes and secondhand stores are also exempt.

If the ordinance passes, Minneapolis will join Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and West Hollywood, which have similar ordinances. New York City has also introduced an ordinance to end the sale of fur.

Minneapolis residents, sign the petion to ban fur in Minneapolis. Check out Fur Free Minneapolis’ upcoming events for this campaign.