Give to the Max for ARC!

“My favorite piece of what the Animal Rights Coalition does is the outreach! Sharing veganism with the community through events, educating on the HUGE positive impact, and making it accessible! Being welcomed into veganism and having support has meant the world to me and my family!” – Sarabeth Kelly 

These are words from one of the many ARC members who chose to Give to the Max for ARC this year. ARC uses outreach to educate the public about animal rights in many different forms including leafleting, tabling, pay-per-view virtual reality, TV outreach, peaceful protests, educational workshops, cooking classes, grocery shopping tours, school presentations, volunteer meetings, training sessions, movie screenings, plant-based pop-ups, community potlucks and running a vegan boutique. We are grateful Sarabeth has been a longtime supporter of ARC and we’re thrilled she feels the same way about us! See what other members are saying about why they chose to Give to the Max for ARC

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Thank you for your continued support!