High Marks All Around for Rhymes with Vegan

Star Tribune writer Kim Ode had wonderful things to say about Rhymes with Vegan, the online cooking show sponsored by ARC, and its host Meagan Holtgrewe. Ode said: “Good production values, great music and Holtgrewe’s engaging manner combine to make this a local asset.” Read the article. And the Bridge newspaper did a two-page spread on Rhymes with Vegan entitled “Critter-free cooking” and featured it in their “Chow” section.

Meagan was also featured on Fox 9 News Live. During this five-minute spot, she made her Grandpa Earl’s stuffing and rosemary gravy and talked with the host about vegan cooking. The CityPages Twin Cities Eater blog also gave high praise to the pilot episode of Rhymes with Vegan. CityPages said: “The pilot episode holds its own against any programming found on the Food Network, complete with veggie chopping scene cuts, explanations of potentially confusing ingredients artfully written on a brown bag, and the ever–popular party montage at the end.”