Huffington Post Covers ARC’s Cuddle Coats Program

Bobcat kittenThe Huffington Post did a great story about ARC’s Cuddle Coats program on November 25. Cuddle Coats committee chair Alexandra Beane was interviewed about how Cuddle Coats is a way to give fur back to the animals. Read all about how donated furs are turned into a source of comfort for orphaned and injured animals. We’ve received a ton of furs since the article, but we also have over 60 wildlife rehabs we supply with those furs. Consider coming to a Cuddle Coats prep session, held every Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:00 at the ARC office/Ethique Nouveau vegan boutique at 317 W 48th St. in Minneapolis. We will be prepping donated fur coats and accessories for shipment to wildlife rehabilitation centers by removing all buttons, zippers, liners, etc. All are welcome! This is a great, low-key, low-commitment way to volunteer for a little while and meet some of the other people in the group, while doing something concrete to save animal lives.

Thank you to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. in Texas for sharing this adorable photo of a bobcat kitten snuggled up in Cuddle Coats donated furs!