Humane Blaine Pet Store Ordinance

In 2022, Queschen M. and her daughter Bella purchased their puppy Lulu, from Four Paws and A Tail, a pet store located in the city of Blaine. Lulu was sick a few days after purchase and had to be euthanized a month later; she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (common with toy breeds sold through pet stores) and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain; an inheritable disease, often due to unhealthy breeding dogs or poor conditions). Lulu was bred by a dog breeder in Wisconsin: Miller Kennel, USDA license # 35-A-0376. This situation is not an isolated case.

ARC’s Go Humane Blaine coalition has been working behind the scenes, gathering information, requesting state records, talking to folks who have purchased sick puppies, and attending city council meetings to raise awareness about puppy mill puppies being sold in Blaine. ARC and Lulu’s family would love your support on this petition, so this injustice doesn’t happen to other families and dogs. If you’d like to get involved in this campaign, send us an email at

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