Macaws Don’t Belong in a Car Wash

Macaws Don't Belong in a Car Wash4 out of 6 Paradise Car Washes in the Twin Cities surrounding areas keep a Macaw as a resident “pet”. The birds live at the Savage, Apple Valley, Eagan, and East Bloomington stores. Their names are Ruby, Peanut, Speedy, and Rainbow. According to employees, the birds are in the car wash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have been for their entire lives.

Knowledgeable observers say the birds show signs of stress, exacerbated by being handled by the public (despite signs asking they not be handled) and by the exuberance of children and dogs who come into the car washes. Issues range from behaviors demonstrating depression to excessive feather plucking (sometimes down to bare skin). There appears to be little to no enrichment such as toys and activities provided.

Macaws live in their natural habitat for around 70 years, and they mate for life. These birds deserve a better life, and the companionship of others of their species.

Ask Paradise Car Wash to relinquish these birds to a qualified, expert rescue, and do not support this business until this occurs. Contact info for Paradise Car Wash locations: Savage (952) 890-7755, Eagan (651) 456-0000, Apple Valley (952) 431-4600, and East Bloomington (952) 888-5388. Please like and share the Facebook page for these birds.