Pound Seizure Now Banned in Minnesota!

It’s a historic day for animals in Minnesota. Pound seizure, legal in Minnesota since 1949, is now banned under the Omnibus Agriculture bill, HF2398/SF2061, which was approved by Governor Mark Dayton over the weekend. Pound seizure allowed any animal in a publicly funded shelter for more than five days to be claimed by a laboratory for experimentation. The new bill states: “A person must not release an animal seized and held under this section for research or product testing, either directly or through an animal dealer.”

The Animal Rights Coalition (ARC) worked with Howard Goldman, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) State Director for Minnesota to help bring about passage of this bill.

ARC formed End Pound Seizure Minnesota (EPSM), created a web site, obtained thousands of signatures against pound seizure, and brought awareness of the issue to the public through outreach and education. Amy Draeger, attorney and President of EPSM wrote original legislation and conducted historical research on pound seizure in Minnesota. Over a number of years, ARC made numerous requests for information under the Minnesota Data Practices Act to document usage of the pound seizure law.

ARC passed on all its research on the issue and its original legislation to Howard, who obtained authors for the bill in the legislature and tirelessly lobbied for its passage throughout the two-year legislative session. Howard was able to meet with past institutional opponents of the bill and persuade them not to oppose it, which was a major step towards successful passage of the bill.

We’re so thankful that ARC was able to work with Howard and HSUS in securing this victory for animals in Minnesota – and we’re especially thankful that no longer will lost and unclaimed animals in Minnesota be in danger of being released to institutions for experimentation.