Our Programs to Help Animals

We focus on spreading the word about compassionate living. Our unique and innovative outreach and education programs to help animals include:


ARC Speaker Series

ARC Speaker Series regularly brings in nationally known speakers such as Dr. Michael Fox, Harold “Farmer” Brown, Karen Davis, Pattrice Jones, and Will Potter.

ARC’s MN Vegan Guide

ARC’s MN Vegan Guide was created to give you basic information for being Vegan, specifically in the Twin Cities. Find resources to learn about animals, the environment, nutrition and health, restaurants to eat at, movies and documentaries to watch, recipes to try, animal sanctuaries to visit, and more.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach activities range from booths at large events and professional conferences such as the Twin Cities Pet Expo, to staffing booths at First Avenue, to leafletting with the ARC Outreach Team at concerts and other events, to helping the hundreds of individuals who call or email us for assistance with animal issues.


Cuddle Coats

Cuddle Coats educates the public about fur and encourages people to donate fur coats to aid orphaned baby wildlife in their recovery at our wildlife rehabilitation partners.

Dissection Choice

Dissection Choice provides assistance to students who choose not to dissect and distributes information on alternatives to high schools and colleges (over 50 so far). We also provide information to elementary schools on alternatives to hatching projects.

Ethique Nouveau

Our most ambitious outreach project is our vegan boutique, Ethique Nouveau. The store is completely animal-friendly and cruelty-free and is one of the best ways we know to show people how easy it is to live compassionately and with awareness. The store shows the public that a significant number of people want to use harm-free products made without the use of animal testing, ingredients, skins, or furs.

Feed Me Vegan

Feed Me Vegan, a vegan cooking show presented by ARC’s Vegan University, features easy and affordable plant-based recipes. Hosts Chelsea and Norine show you how to make being vegan both fun and delicious. Check local listings to find the community access station in your area and find episodes on YouTube.

Forego Foie Gras

Forego Foie Gras works for a Foie Gras Free Minneapolis by educating consumers about this gourmet cruelty and asking local restaurants to take the pledge and keep foie gras off their menus.

The Humane Farming Myth

Humane Farming Myth challenges the myth of “humanely” produced animal products and is a compelling resource to share with family and friends. We’ve received requests from all over the country for large quantities of this brochure, most recently from the organizers of a national bus tour promoting the sustainability of a plant-based diet (don’t worry – the bus runs on waste vegetable oil).


Minnesota Animal Rights/Vegan Meetup

Minnesota Animal Rights/Vegan Meetup is an ARC-sponsored meetup group that organizes events to strengthen the local vegan community and to provide educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about a plant-based diet. If you’re looking for a place to connect with other people who care about making the world better for all animals and you’re ready to start taking action to realize that vision, this Meetup is the group for you.

Minnesotans Exposing the Pet Trade

Minnesotans Exposing the Pet Trade seeks to end the sale of companion animals in Minnesota from large-scale commercial breeders by asking people to adopt animals, not buy them from pet stores.

No Pain In My Name

No Pain In My Name exposes Marilyn Carroll’s hideous experiments at the University of Minnesota, in which she “researches” the effects of drug addiction by training monkeys and rats to self-administer drugs that humans misuse such as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. The site gives voice to the community this “research” is supposedly benefiting: addicts and recovered addicts.

Thrifty Vegans

Living a vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive! Follow along to learn tips and tricks for living a thrifty life without harming animals! We’ll be sharing about food, clothing, health & beauty supplies, and more. Veganism is more than a diet, it’s a way of life, and we’d like to help equip people with the necessary knowledge to make the switch as easy and affordable as possible.

Pay Per View

Pay Per View is an innovative outreach strategy where people are offered $1.00 to watch a short film about animals used for food and then have a brief conversation with a person trained to talk with them about the impacts our food choices have on others.

Rhymes With Vegan

Rhymes With Vegan contains the archive of plant-based recipes from the online cooking show hosted by Meagan Holtgrewe, which introduced viewers to the delights of compassionate eating and featured “grubbin food. vegan style.”

Teaching Compassion

Teaching Compassion provides free presentations to schools and faith communities on a variety of animal-related topics such as our treatment of and relationship to animals, speciesism, sustainability, environmental destruction, and food justice.

Twin Cities Vegan Drinks

Twin Cities Vegan Drinks is a social networking event for people interested in veganism and animal rights. Vegan Drinks’ mission is to bring together a diverse group of people to build new coalitions and promote the sharing of resources.

Vegan University

Vegan University is a free program designed to help you go – and stay – vegan in a way that works for you. You can sign up for your own vegan mentor, take a personalized vegan grocery shopping tour, and go to workshops – and it’s all free!


VegKins is a unique social networking program for families raising vegan children. This program offers the opportunity to come together to exchange ideas and information with other parents and build a community of parents raising compassionate kids.




End Pound Seizure

We won this one in Minnesota when pound seizure was banned in April of 2012! We will continue to work to help other states end the practice of pound seizure, whereby animals in shelters can be claimed by licensed institutions for experimentation purposes.

Minnesotans Exposing Petland

We won this one in Minnesota with the closure of the Shakopee and St. Paul Petland stores after several years of demonstrations aimed at persuading Petland to stop supporting puppy and kitten mills by selling animals purchased from large breeders in their stores.