Pay Per View volunteers Melissa and Melissa

Nicole getting people prepped for watching the video

Watching the video

We love it when family members watch together

Ryan providing more info after the video

About Pay Per View

Let’s face it: People avoid learning the truth about how animals are raised and killed because they think the truth will be unpleasant and uncomfortable. And they’re right. But a new approach to getting people to face the facts is proving to be powerful and effective.

Pay Per View is an innovative outreach strategy where people are offered $1.00 to view a short film about animals used for food, answer follow-up questions during a debrief conversation with a trained volunteer, and then go home with information about how changing their eating habits can make a huge difference for animals, the earth, and themselves.

During the debrief conversations, we ask people to pledge to start eating vegan meals for a specific number of days per week. At these events, 75% of viewers pledged to eat vegan meals at least 1 to 2 days per week.

Why Pay Per View?

Quite simply, it works! Follow-up surveys show than over 71% of respondents reduced their consumption of animal products after viewing the video and sought out additional information about a plant-based diet on their own within one month of viewing the video. Based on the survey data, estimates are that an average viewer eats 10 fewer animals per year after participating.

Pay Per View exposes the public to the harsh reality of animal agriculture in a way that most other outreach cannot. With headphones on and a privacy enclosure around the screen, viewers are intimately engaged with what they are seeing. Viewers often tear up or become angry after watching the video, and our volunteers turn that passion into action by encouraging them to decrease their consumption of animal products and work towards a vegan diet.

ARC’s statistics are significantly higher than national averages for this program.

• 71% of survey respondents said that the experience caused them to change their diet (50% is the national average).
• 100% of survey respondents said the debrief conversation was helpful (76% is the national average).
• 60% of survey respondents sought out more information on veganism after watching the video (55% is the national average).

Support this innovative and extraordinary program with a donation. Your dollar could change someone’s life!

What Pay Per View Volunteers are Saying

ARC has a wonderful and enthusiastic group of volunteers who make Pay Per View happen. Join our Pay Per View Outreach team and get special training in how to have powerful, effective conversations about animal issues and veganism. Our Get Involved page tells you what you need to know to start volunteering.

The following are testimonials from our volunteers about the power of this campaign:

“PPV is useful because it creates an atmosphere of talking about these issues at a really raw and emotional level, not just handing people a leaflet they may never look at again. It’s useful to have the debriefing conversation to open it up for honest discussion and feedback about these choices (to go vegan). I wish I would have been offered a PPV opportunity to be encouraged to go vegan a long time ago.”

A 14 year old boy watched the video and after the debriefing conversation, he opened his wallet and gave us a dollar. It was really cool because he totally got it and when you’re 14, you don’t have a lot of money to throw around.”

“I had a woman who is already vegan stop by. I asked if her husband wanted to watch (who just went vegetarian). He agreed but had to stop half way through. It was pretty incredible to hear him say ‘I had no idea it was that brutal… I just didn’t know.‘ And I could tell she was relieved that he was finally making those connections. It was cool because I know he has a built-in support structure at home and he was so affected… I think he’ll end up going vegan and it is not only awesome for us and the animals, but probably their relationship, too.”

“There were tears shed and lots and lots of people were interested in talking after viewing, which is always the case – and no matter where the conversation ends, I know they’ll always have had that experience and hopefully it sticks with them.”

“PPV provides a unique opportunity for people to see what’s really going on in a way that conversations just can’t illustrate. Many people seemed very moved and affected by what they saw and we were then able to have really personal conversations on how to help them go vegan. It’s a very powerful form of activism and I look forward to doing it again.”