Retiring Staff Member – Heidi Greger

Please join us in a huge THANK YOU to Heidi Greger as she retires from her Program Manager position with the Animal Rights Coalition. Heidi plans to continue her involvement with ARC as a volunteer, but this is a great time to look back on her many accomplishments (so far!):

  • Served as the Animal Rights Coalition board vice-president to president Mary Britton Clouse for three years and helped to significantly increase ARC’s annual budget.
  • Played a role in ending dog labs at the University of Minnesota while vice-president of ARC.  (These were labs for first-year medical students where students were given dogs to cut open and perform procedures on, and the dogs were then killed at the end of the experiment.)
  • Worked on the successful campaigns against illegal actions of several University of Minnesota USDA Class B dealers who sold dogs to the U of M; these campaigns provided information to a local TV channel for an in-depth expose on B dealers. After the expose and one of the U’s dog dealers losing his USDA license, the U of M finally discontinued the dog labs.
  • Helped end the Rent-A-Rabbit program at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.  (AHS would actually purchase rabbits to be rented out for a fee to the public.)
  • Was part of ARC’s University Records Project and successful lawsuit against the U of MN to open research records to the public.
  • Participated in the campaign for Make-A-Wish chapters to stop granting wishes involving hunting, shooting, or sport-shooting equipment, including archery gear. Because of pressure from ARC and other organizations, the Make-A-Wish board of directors ultimately reversed their policy and prohibited its chapters from granting these types of wishes.
  • Helped in the creation of ARC’s vegan store Ethique Nouveau. Early on, the store supported new vegan businesses and had the first vegan pop-ups in the metro for many now successful vegan businesses.
  • Took the ARC State Fair campaign from an idea to a reality by researching and creating a very effective strategy and website for the campaign.
  • Surprised the audience with her gorgeous voice and singing with her late husband’s band at the Cabooze in Minneapolis at one of the ARC “Unleashed” fundraising concerts in the 90s.

Thank you for your endless compassion and commitment to advocating for the animals, Heidi! ARC is grateful you’ll be sticking around to volunteer!