Stop by Ethique Nouveau!

We hope you’ll stop by and check out ARC’s Ethique Nouveau boutique at 317 W 48th St in Minneapolis, and do a little shopping to help the animals, as all store proceeds support our animal advocacy programs.




Ethique Nouveau is all about compassion and kindness towards animals. We carry lots of animal-friendly items – and many product lines you won’t find anywhere else in the Twin Cities – all vegan (free of animal products / not tested on animals) and kind to both humans and animals.

Here’s just a sampling, with more being added daily:

Some of the hottest ethical fashion this side of the Mississippi – purses and tote bags, laptop bags and briefcases, belts, wallets, ties, teeshirts and hoodies, and gorgeous scarves. Also selected shoe and boot styles.

We have a great selection of unique jewelry, much of it by local artists.

Pamper yourself with lip-smacking good lip gloss, eco-friendly nail polish, body lotions and soaps, skin care products, perfume, bubble bath and bath salts, men’s shaving and grooming products, and yummy soy candles in all sorts of delicious fragrances.

For your inner chef we have tons of cookbooks in addition to the largest selection of humane children’s books in the area, and some of the best picks for activist strategy, animal liberation philosophy, and veg parenting available. Also buttons, magnets, and bumperstickers – an affordable and colorful way to spread the word about animal liberation.

Your pup will love our vegan dog treats in a variety of flavors. Your dogs (and billions of farmed animals) will thank you. Plus organic catnip and catnip toys to make your kitties’ day, and odor neutralizing candles, crystals, and room spray.

And last but not least, those all important snack items: vegan mac n’ cheese mix (a gluten-free variety too!), cheese sauce, and queso, organic vegan fair trade chocolates, vegan jerky, and Just Like Honey spread. Especially for kids check out the vegan gummi candy. New food items are being added all the time as we continue to bring you products formerly available only by mail order. Check out this great video about Ethique Nouveau put together by Compassionate Chef, Ciree Linsenman.