Suggest ARC’s Vegan University for your Employee Health Fair

Chelsea and Ryan doing food sampling at a recent employee health fair

Chelsea and Ryan doing food sampling at a recent employee health fair

If your employer has an annual health fair, suggest ARC’s Vegan University as a vendor. Here’s a sample email you can use that resulted in ARC doing food sampling at a recent corporate health fair and also becoming a regular provider of literature on veganism to several personal trainers for their clients.

“Just saw an email about the upcoming health fair and wanted to suggest the organization I volunteer with for the fair. We have a program called Vegan University that promotes plant-based eating with food sampling and literature. We offer regular free grocery shopping tours at local co-ops and markets like Whole Foods, Byerly’s, and Rainbow, and regular free workshops about adopting a plant-based diet. We’ve been at several employee health fairs; for example, we had tables at the CIGNA and SGI employee health fairs, and regularly have booths at community events such as the Diabetes Expo and Healthy Life Expo.

We can do free plant-based food sampling. Items typically sampled include Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips (sold at mainstream grocery stores now), Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky, plant-based soy and almond milks, and vegan yogurt.

So am emailing to see if this would be of interest for the health fair. I’m sure you’re aware that there has been an explosion of interest in plant-based eating in the last several years, whether people are interested in reducing animal products in their diet for health reasons or in going vegan.”

Email if your employer is interested in Vegan University being at their health fair.