Take Pandemics Off the Menu

Our current world situation is very sad indeed, but it has given us an opportunity to encourage everyone to take pandemics off the menu by moving to a plant-based diet. It is well documented that the current outbreak of the Coronavirus is simply the latest in a long history of viruses that came from our mistreatment of animals.

Dozens of people infected early in the current outbreak worked in a live-animal market in China. While many blame the consumption of wildlife for this outbreak, the primary cause of zoonotic diseases that can jump from non-human animals to humans is not the consumption of wildlife—it’s the consumption of animals, period.

But don’t take our word for it; do your own research and learn how consuming animals not only harms animals but also your health and the health of our planet. When you decide it’s time to make a change, ARC’s Vegan University program has all the resources you need to help you go – and stay – vegan in a way that works for you. You can sign up for your own vegan mentor, take a vegan grocery shopping tour, and go to workshops – and it’s all free! We’re here to help and to get you across that finish line in your transition to a plant-based diet!

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