World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week Demonstration at U of M

Over 20 million animals suffer in U.S. laboratories every year. These innocent victims are subjected to addictive drugs, caustic chemicals, ionizing radiation, chemical and biological weapons, electric shock, deprivation of food and water, psychological torture, and many other horrors. World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week is the time when activists come together to make a difference for these animals.

ARC brought attention to the suffering of thousands of animals in University of Minnesota laboratories by holding a demonstration outside of Moos Tower. Participants carried signs listing the numbers of various species of animals used in one year at the U and wore masks representing each species.

Read about the U of M’s violations of federal care standards for animals in their laboratories including failing to properly administer pain-relieving medicine, failing to provide adequate veterinary care, and failing to properly euthanize animals. The improperly euthanized animals remained alive, but were discarded as if they were dead.