Chicken Run Rescue Virtual Tour

Join ARC as we take you through Chicken Run Rescue and meet the birds! We’ll follow along as Mary, CRR founder, moves each bird outside for the day and then watch the birds go through their morning routines and feeding time from their favorite food truck. Meet all 58 birds and hear stories about about some of the birds that were lucky to end up at the sanctuary.

We will be streaming the tour live via ARC’s Facebook page on Sunday, August 23 from 10:00 to 11:00 am CDT. This is a great opportunity to see CRR and to meet these sentient beings that would have otherwise been victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment. RSVP on Facebook or Animal Rights Meetup.

Note: The event will be rescheduled if it rains.

In Solidarity

Although the Animal Rights Coalition works to end the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals, we speak up against ALL forms of oppression. We are sickened and outraged by the horrific murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. We mourn with the Floyd family and others who have lost loved ones to police violence. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and offer our support and voice to ending police brutality.

Take Pandemics Off the Menu

Our current world situation is very sad indeed, but it has given us an opportunity to encourage everyone to take pandemics off the menu by moving to a plant-based diet. It is well documented that the current outbreak of the Coronavirus is simply the latest in a long history of viruses that came from our mistreatment of animals.

Dozens of people infected early in the current outbreak worked in a live-animal market in China. While many blame the consumption of wildlife for this outbreak, the primary cause of zoonotic diseases that can jump from non-human animals to humans is not the consumption of wildlife—it’s the consumption of animals, period.

But don’t take our word for it; do your own research and learn how consuming animals not only harms animals but also your health and the health of our planet. When you decide it’s time to make a change, ARC’s Vegan University program has all the resources you need to help you go – and stay – vegan in a way that works for you. You can sign up for your own vegan mentor, take a vegan grocery shopping tour, and go to workshops – and it’s all free! We’re here to help and to get you across that finish line in your transition to a plant-based diet!

The Guardian: Is factory farming to blame for corona virus?
Scientific American: One root cause of pandemics that few people think aboutSentient Media: A palate for pestilence: ominous links between Covid-19 and industrial animal farming
The Guardian: Tip of the iceberg: is our destruction of nature resposible for Covid-19?
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Dr. Michael Greger (YouTube): Bird flu: a virus of our own making
Slate: Jane Goodall – Covid-19 should make us rethink our destructive relationship with the natural world
The Nation: Think exotic animals are to blame for the coronavirus? Think again.

Fur Free Ordinance Introduced in Minneapolis

Congratulations to our coalition partner, Fur Free Minneapolis on reaching a major milestone with the introduction of their fur free ordinance at Minneapolis city hall, which will prohibit the sale of new animal fur products in Minneapolis! Huge thanks to city council authors Alondra Cano and Cam Gordon.

The ban will not force any Minneapolis businesses to close. Companies which currently sell animal fur will have a phase-in period, during which they can transition to selling fur-free products. There is an exemption in the ordinance which protects the rights of Native American tribes to sell fur for traditional and spiritual purposes and secondhand stores are also exempt.

If the ordinance passes, Minneapolis will join Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, and West Hollywood, which have similar ordinances. New York City has also introduced an ordinance to end the sale of fur.

Minneapolis residents, sign the petion to ban fur in Minneapolis. Check out Fur Free Minneapolis’ upcoming events for this campaign.

Birds are Dying at U.S. Bank Stadium!

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is covered with reflective glass that birds can’t distinguish from the sky, resulting in hundreds of fatal collisions. Before the stadium’s completion in 2016, many organizations—including ARC—contacted stadium officials asking them to alter the building’s design to prevent bird collisions. But no action was taken, the stadium was completed, and reports of bird fatalities began to pour in. Rather than taking immediate action to save birds, officials decided to undertake a lengthy study to determine how many birds were being killed. The results, which were finally released in November 2019, show that at least 111 birds died after colliding with the stadium in one year alone. Officials now say that they need several more months to consider the study results before taking action to prevent further deaths.

Please take a moment to send a polite e-mail to U.S. Bank Stadium (John Drum, Interim General Manager at and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (James Farstad, Executive Director at telling them that they have delayed for too long! There are many ways to retrofit the stadium to prevent these tragedies while maintaining its aesthetic appeal including patterning the glass and using window films, decals and tape, screens, grilles, shutters, exterior shades, awnings, and overhangs. Tell them to take immediate action to prevent further bird casualties!

Save the Date for the 26th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck!

The food will be bountiful and delicious when you join ARC and friends for the 26th Annual Turkey-Free Friendsgiving Potluck on Sunday, November 10. All are welcome. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend.

This is a wonderful event to bring your friends and family to and show them how delicious vegan holiday eating can be. We are looking forward to sharing a special meal with all of our friends, longtime and brand new.

Beverages will be provided, along with a variety of vegan cheeses and vegan turkey roasts to sample. Bring a vegan main dish, side dish, or dessert to share, along with a serving spoon (vegan = no meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey, or refined sugar). Your dish should serve at least 10 people. Please bring a list of ingredients so we can be allergy-friendly and also bring your own plate and utensils if possible. Location is Living Spirit United Methodist Church, 4501 Bloomington Ave. in Minneapolis from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Please RSVP at the Facebook or Vegan Meetup event so we know how many people to expect. Thanks to The Herbivorous Butcher for their support and donation of their delicious vegan cheese and turkey roast.

Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food with Dr. Will Tuttle

Save the date! On Monday, September 9, Dr. Will Tuttle will speak at Unity Church, 4000 Golden Valley Rd. in Golden Valley on Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food. Author of the international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, published in sixteen languages, Tuttle connects the dots between ethical, ecological, health, cultural, and spiritual issues and our civilization’s ten thousand year-old practice of herding and exploiting animals for food and other products.

Winner of the Courage of Conscience Award (along with the Dalai Lama, Rosa Parks, and Pete Seeger), Tuttle will share an inspiring vision for a “true revolution of non-violence” on our planet.

Socializing and refreshments from 6:30-7:00 p.m, presentation and Question and Answer session from 7:00-8:15 p.m. Following his talk, Dr. Tuttle will be available to sign The World Peace Diet, as well as his five other books.  A donation is suggested, but not required, to attend this event.

“Human freedom, justice, and harmony require that we liberate animals,
and that we show respect, harmony, and justice in our daily meals and in our way of living.”

ARC Receives VegFund Award

We are so honored to receive an award from VegFund, an incredible organization that makes much of our work possible! The award reads “Since 2011, the Animal Rights Coalition has carried out more than 98 VegFund-supported food samplings and PPV (Pay Per View) outreach activities. We’re pleased to recognize ARC for its relentless outreach in Minnesota and surrounding states and its work to build a true coalition by empowering young activists with resources and support.” Thank you VegFund for your support of our work to help animals!