Speaking Out Against Foie Gras

It was impossible to fit everyone into one shot, but we tried. Thanks to everyone who came out for the rally.

The Forego Foie Gras campaign rallied outside 112 Eatery in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday evening, June 22 to encourage the restaurant to take the pledge not to serve foie gras. Our Forego Foie Gras campaign is working for a Foie Gras Free Minneapolis by educating consumers about this gourmet cruelty and asking local restaurants to pledge to keep it off their menus

Foie gras is produced by plunging a feeding tube down the throats of ducks and geese. This force feeding causes a bird’s liver to swell up to 12X its normal size and leads to enormous suffering.

For more details, read our new “Face of Foie Gras” brochure